Vega Produktions specilizes in technology consulting for Businesses and Individuals. We also offer multimedia production including television commercials, Website Design

& more.

Latest News:

• We now offer wedding and photography services!

• Vega Produktions is now offering social media management!


Popular Services:

> Computer Repair

> Virus Removal

> Website Design

> Data Recovery

> Networking Solutions

> Business Consulting

> Graphic & Media Design

Why Us?:

We take great pride in the best service in the world. You won't find anyone better than us. Our pricing, potential and personality remain unmatched.


Choose Vp today!


Why Choose Vega Produktions?


Vega Produktions chooses to be strong where our competitors are weak. Our objective is to complete your goals faster, friendlier and more efficiently. From our ever-expanding knowledge, to our purpose-filled colleagues, Vega Produktions has the resources that will benefit you from start to finish.


If you've chosen Vega Produktions today, you will have chosen a better tomorrow.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. Can you fix my old/broken computer?

A. Yes! Call us anytime!


Q. Does Vega Produktions preform over-night computer repairs?

A. YES, Just ask about it and we'll take care of you. We also offer 24 hour emergency support.


Q. How long does a repair take?

A. In 1-3 Days, you'll have a computer that runs better than the day you bought it.


Q. Does Vega Produktions film Weddings?

A.Yes, our newest services includes wedding and reception videography.


Q. Does Vega Produktions offer photography?

A. Yes, we sure do!


Q. Who's working with Vega Produktions?

A. We have a vast network of professionals to long to list. Our core members will be listed soon!